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We have a 24/7 operations team that attends to our clients, organizes our fleet, plans and follows up according to the conditions of each service requested.

Tailor-made solutions


Flexibility & Agility

Monitored at all times

We have a 24/7 Control Tower that, based on geo-localization, monitor overall services and integrate them in to our Operational Departament to ensure a proper follow-up. Full real time tracing during transit is offered to Customers thanks our web based T&T. Our entire fleet is equipped with security padlocks and door sensors connected to our GPS system to ensure safety in transit.

To ensure safety in transit, our entire fleet is equipped with security padlocks and door sensors connected to our GPS system.

We periodically show our clients the different quality indicators of our performance.

We unify a professional team of drivers and traffic managers with the industry’s most advanced and cutting-edge technology to ensure quality service.

Hanged Garment

Our fleet are fully equipped to transport hanging garments in a safety and stable manner; we are pioneers in this type of service that requires a special care during transport.

Air Cargo

Our fleet is equipped with a rolled floor system that allow us to transport Air Cargo ULD in a complete safety way. We fulfil with all necessary safety and security training as well as quality protocols required in the Air Freight sector.


We have 30 trailers with certified thermos to transport goods requiring controlled temperature, duly equipped with built in temperature sensors in our GPS system.


We carry out non-stop transit services meant for any destination in Europe. Because of this we always come up with the most optimal route while also understanding the necessity for a double crew cab. We also have extensive experience that backs us up with a KPI in deliveries of 99.54% effectiveness.